Our Story


We all have that one time in our lives where we travel to escape the world of technology and be free from it all. Well, at least I tried to anyway! Whilst backpacking through Europe I tried to limit the amount of time I spent on my phone, but with no other way to check the time, I found that I was constantly on my phone checking the time.


I arrived in Paris, and decided to buy a watch. I spent most part of my day searching for a minimalist, yet luxury watch that wouldn't break my budget, and most importantly it needed to do two things. Tell the time & date.  But all of the watches I found were too complicated, over-priced and did things that I didn't need it to do.


I thought I could do it better, and create a watch that would be fit for any occasion, that was of the highest quality and most importantly told you what you needed to know; the date and time.


So I designed my own.
A classic yet modern unisex timepiece.


My belief is that everyone is created equal and should be able to afford high quality watches that won't break the bank. This motivated me to design a watch that not only has a minimalist design but is created using the truly the highest quality materials, often found in only luxury brands.

 I look forward to sharing this journey with you.

This is the story of Louis Perry.