Leather Care


Louis Perry watches are made from only premium grade full grain leather & each strap has been individually stitched and is designed to age with wear. Like a fine wine, our full grain leather straps become better with age.

In some cases you may notice scratches, marks or blemishes on the leather strap. This is completely normal and naturally occurs in full grain leather. Overtime the leather will develop its own natural patina, turning it into a watch that is unique to you. The leather may also darken the overtime the more you wear it. 


We recommend that you take considerable care of your leather strap in order to preserve the leather for as along as possible.


Things to limit/avoid

  • Contact with water / moisture (e.g. rain or sweat)
  • Keep out of direct sunlight/UV light and other light sources (when not wearing the watch)
  • Limit exposure to extreme temperatures (hot & cold)
  • Do NOT use soap or detergent to clean


How to care for the leather:

  • A few times a year use specialised leather products/lotion/conditioner to help extend the life of the leather and prevent damage/cracks
  • Place the watch in its watch box when you are not wearing it
  • Use a microfibre cloth to remove any dirt or dust regularly