Australia's most affordable Swiss Movement watch - Available NOW!

I AM YOUR... Father's Day Sale

1 for $89 or 2 for $159

limited to the first 50 watches


The AMARE - $89.00


The KAYA - $89.00


Simple. Classic. elegant. luxury

Why we're different from other brands

At Louis Perry, we don't want to be just another watch company. We want to be different, re-define the watch industry, and create superior quality watches to YOU for a fraction of the price.

Our watches were inspired by the lack of affordable, reliable and quality made watches. We knew that to be the best we had to do more than just create a watch that looked amazing. That is why we have handcrafted each Louis Perry watch using only the highest quality materials.

Louis Perry aims to be the peoples watch. A watch that lets YOU create your own style. A watch that you can call YOUR own.


"The perfect mix between simplicity and elegance"


"I never thought I would be able to buy a minimalist, yet luxury watch with a Swiss Made movement for under $150"


"These timepieces are a blend of modern and classic design. These high quality watches have a minimalist yet luxurious appeal"

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